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PhotoScissors - Instantly Remove & Replace Background on Your Photos!
PhotoScissors background removal tool can easily extract objects and remove background from photos. All you need is to draw some foreground and background and algorithm takes care of details.

Top Reasons to use PhotoScissors:

  • Instantly remove complex background from photos
  • Easily separate foreground from background
  • Swap background
  • Remove background around hair
  • Remove background from transparent objects
  • Create collage
  • Cutting out objects
  • Creating isolated images with colored or transparent backgrounds
  • Remove background for eBay, Amazon or Etsy listings
  • Set background to any color include transparent
  • Easy to get use & get started
  • Preparing pictures of commodities for online shops
  • No technical or designer skills are required
  • Max image resolution is 4 Megapixels

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It works at any computer, without installation. Try it NOW!