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Photo Blur FX - Image Blur and Focus Effects

Photo Blur FX v3



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Bring your Photos into Focus.

Photo Blur FX is the complete solution for applying blur and focus effects to your photos. Designed to satisfy the needs of both amateur and professional photographers and featuring an impressive set of blur and focus effects, Photo Blur FX gives you unlimited creative freedom when it comes to photo blur editing. But here is what Photo Blur FX has to offer:

  • Manually blur certain areas of your photo to get various focus and depth of field effects
  • Apply the following blur effects to your photo:

– Gaussian Blur (blurs your entire photo using the Gaussian blur algorithm)
– Motion Blur (gives your photo a dynamic look)
– Zoom Blur (applies a lens zoom effect in the center of your photo)
– Circle Blur (blurs a certain circular area of your photo)

  • Apply the following focus effects to your photo:

– Tilt Shift Blur (blurs the top and lower regions of your photo bringing the center into focus)
– Focus Blur (blurs your entire photo except a certain area that will be brought into focus)

  • Resize your photo using percents or pixels
  • Supported image formats: JPG, JPEG, JPE, JP2, JPX, PNG, TIFF, TIF, GIF, BMP, HEIC and HEIF

So purchase Photo Blur FX today and bring your photos into focus