DiskZilla™ - Disk, Memory, and Adware Cleaner

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8 essential power tools to optimize the performance of your Mac. All for the price of one app! Get the most out of your Mac. Completely optimized with the smallest footprint of only 3MB to save you disk space. The most efficient Mac utility on the Mac App Store. Downsize and consolidate your huge collection of apps. DiskZilla is the only Mac utility you need.

1. Health Monitor
◎ Intuitive overview of your Mac system stats and performance
◎ Real-time display of your CPU, network usage, memory usage, and disk space

2. Memory Cleaner
◎ Purge and free up your memory (RAM)
◎ Optimize performance

3. Disk Cleaner
◎ Scan to remove junk files and free up valuable disk space
◎ Fully customizable

4. Adware Cleaner
◎ Remove adware and stop pop-up scams
◎ Safely restore your web browser back to normal

5. Disk Map Analyzer
◎ Map your disk drive to easily find large files eating up disk space
◎ Drag & drop large files you don’t need

6. Duplicate File Cleaner
◎ Discover and delete your duplicate files
◎ Pin-point hash checksum accuracy to find exact duplicates

7. Application Uninstaller
◎ Properly uninstall applications including all leftover files
◎ Cleanup leftover caches, preferences, plists, etc

8. File Shredder
◎ Permanently and securley delete sensitive files
◎ Choose from 1 pass, 3 passes (DoD standard), and 35 passes (Gutmann)